Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Wishes for 2011 from The Buckinghams

When we began the year 2010, we had no idea of the wonderful things that would be happening for The Buckinghams. It has been a year filled with joy, with new beginnings, and with days and nights filled with your enthusiasm and appreciation for our work. For several weeks again this summer, the two of us will again join the Happy Together Tour 2011. All year long, you’ll still see The Buckinghams, including Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn, and our horn players, Carlo Isabelli, Chuck Morgan, Rich Moore, and Steve Frost. We thank each of you for being a part of our music mosaic this year, and we extend our gratitude and best wishes to all, for a very special New Year 2011.

Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes from The Buckinghams

Dear Friends,

During this season as we celebrate with our family and friends, we consider you a very special gift in our music career lives. For those who join us in celebrating Christmas, we send our best wishes for a feeling of joy. Amidst the celebrations and festivities, we remember that many of us find holidays poignant, minus one or more special loved ones who made Christmas ‘complete’ simply by their presence, their faith, and their leadership of generations before us. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you, and we extend special thanks for the blessings of your attendance at concerts, orders of our music, and continued postings on Facebook to let us know you appreciate our music. Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn join us in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and may your hearts be always filled with joy.

Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna

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Our Christmas Wishes for You

Dear Friends, During this season as we celebrate with our family and friends, we consider you a very special gift in our music career lives. For those who join us in celebrating Christmas, we send our best wishes for a feeling of joy. Amidst the celebrations and festivities, we remember that many of us find holidays poignant, minus one or more special loved ones who made Christmas ‘complete’ simply by their presence, their faith, and their leadership of generations before us. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you, and we extend special thanks for the blessings of your attendance at concerts, orders of our music, and continued postings on Facebook to let us know you appreciate our music. Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn join us in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and may your hearts be always filled with joy. Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Concert at The Beverly Arts Center, Dec. 18, 2010

We want to thank everyone who came out and joined us last night at The Beverly Arts Center and made it a sold-out show. We are so grateful to our fans who have been so support of through the years. It was a magical and festive night with Buckinghams music which included songs from "The Joy Of Christmas."

Once again to our fans, thank you for a wonderful evening.

Merry Christmas,

Carl Giammarese & Nick Fortuna

Photos of The Buckinghams' Christmas Concert at the Beverly Arts Center

On December 18th, a sold-out crowd at Chicago's Beverly Arts Center enjoyed the Buckinghams Christmas concert, featuring rock and roll hits and upbeat versions of holiday favorites, creating an evening of musical memories and continuing the tradition of holiday entertainment The Buckinghams perform each year.
Photographer S. D. Aigo captured these images (photos used with permission).

L to R: Nick Fortuna, Chuck Morgan (trombone), Carlo Isabelli (trumpet), and Rich Moore (sax).

Nick Fortuna sings "Tighten Up," as Carl Giammarese plays the bass.

Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna joke around when Carl's guitar strap got loose.

Bruce Soboroff concentrating on his keyboard.

Bruce Soboroff and Dave Zane mid-song.

Nick Fortuna thanking the crowd after singing,"Time Won't Let Me."

The view from the balcony. Holidays are always fun Buckinghams-style.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Time to Give Thanks

As a member of a band that has been in your minds and hearts for 45 years, without question, my first thought is to share thanks, on behalf of Nick and myself, for your continued support and enthusiasm for our music. Whether the time-tested hits played in concerts in your cities and home towns, or whether you travel long distances to hear us, we are thankful for your support.

When you buy a hard ticket to a theatre or concert hall, when you buy a CD or download our music, we hear you. We feel your love when you applaud, cheer, stand in line for hours to shake hands and ask us to autograph our records preserved carefully from your precious collections, and then your willingness to step forward and buy our DVD, CDs, and photos to take part of our professional work product home with you, adding to your collection.

Not for a minute do we take you for granted. The Buckinghams continue to ‘be’ because you continue to ‘be here now’ with us. We are grateful to have three professional musicians, Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn gracing our stage regularly and then when we add any and all of our regular exemplary horn players, Carlo Isabelli, Chuck Morgan, Rich Moore, Steve Frost, and Lou Curalli, we are doubly blessed to recreate the sounds just the way you heard them on the radio.

Thanks are easy to give when you feel blessed and though life is going well. Each of you— on our Facebook pages, MySpace page, Constant Contact list, and mailing list of customers—is a part of our world, for which we give thanks. To all of those entertainment professionals and colleagues we work with at shows, who book our shows, and stage our shows, we are truly indebted. You make our music magic.

On a personal note, you validate our creativity and originality when you buy the CDs that might include songs on them that you haven’t heard yet. You fill my heart with joy when you sing along to songs that I have written, from my heart, for you. You share your joy when we see you out in the audience singing along with us or swaying to the music.

On behalf of The Buckinghams, we all extend our thanks to you at this important holiday mile-marking week. Before the football games, before the turkey dinners shared with family and friends, before the worship services that remind us to give thanks, we take this opportunity to ask you to share your thoughts and memories with us.

—Carl Giammarese

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bob Stroud Hosts "The Drive's" (WDRV) Fundraiser at Borders Bookstore, Schaumburg, IL, November, 2010

Bob Stroud's annual CD release party for Rock and Roll Roots was a fun time for The Buckinghams. Stroud, who DJs with his Rock and Roll Roots show on Chicago's radio station, WDRV, The Drive, invites his fellow musician friends to join him for a good cause, two Sundays in November each year.

Volume 12 of the Roots series was released this year, and the Schaumburg Borders was the scene of great music by native Chicago musicians who joined Stroud for this benefit concert. Proceeds from the limited-edition CD went to support "Life Source," area blood bank.

Borders bookstore, a live event favorite in Schaumburg, Sunday, November 14th, was packed as people crowded in to hear their favorites. Carl Giammarese, Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn were there (Nick was out of town) and entertained with an acoustic set of some favorites. Thanks to S. D. Aigo for photos, used with permission.

Carl Giammarese entertains the audience during a great Sunday afternoon in Schaumburg.

(L to R): Carl Giammarese, Rocky Penn, Dave Zane, and Bruce Soboroff.

Cal Giammarese and Dave Zane.

The crowd has a great time hearing their favorites support such a great cause.

Bruce Soboroff, the keyboarding singer/singer keyboardist.

Rocky Penn, the singing drummer/drumming singer.

Dave Zane and Bruce Soboroff, with Rocky Penn in the background.

Bob Stroud is a great host for an afternoon of music and memories. Proceeds benefit Life Source--to donate or learn more, visit

This event achived on The Buckinhgams' Facebook Events at:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Remembering Robert Fitzpatrick

In memory of and with respect for Robert Fitzpatrick, one of the great men of music, who managed The Buckinghams in the late 1960s, during the time we released 'In One Ear and Gone Tomorrow'. He passed away October 23rd after a lengthy battle with lung cancer.

Bob was formerly partners with Robert Stigwood, in their firm Stigwood-Fitzpatrick, where they managed Cream and the Bee Gees. When The Buckinghams selected him as their manager, his credentials were indeed sterling. Bob had been the attorney for The Beatles in the 1960s, and he also represented rock acts including The Rolling Stones and The Who, plus he also represented Miss Peggy Lee, Taj Mahal, and actor Don Johnson.

In his early years, Bob worked his way through Princeton University and, as a member of the Marine Corps, he attained the rank of Captain and served in Vietnam. His legal education was obtained at UCLA Law School, where he earned an LLB and JD degrees, specializing in entertainment law throughout his career. Bob had most recently been President of the Eclecto Groove record label and he'd had his own firm, The Robert Fitzpatrick Organization for most of his career.

Bob was our manager in the final stages of our career in the late 1960s, and we were proud to have him be a part of our musical heritage. His civic activities included serving as a member of the Board of Directors of RADD, Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving.

We extend our sympathy to his family upon his passing, and are grateful that we had the opportunity to be associated with this talented industry executive.

--Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna

A full tribute to Robert Fitzpatrick was printed in Variety:

From the Archives of Music Preservation, Bob shares a few memories about The Beatles:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buckinghams' Fan, Paula Monaco, Shares Photos from Schaumburg, IL Festival, September, 2010

Paula Monaco shared these photos first on The Buckinghams' Facebook page. They're reposted here as a mini-concert album of a great evening. WLS-FM DJ Dick Biondi, a great friend of The Buckinghams, was on hand to introduce the entertainers. The evening's entertainment began with The Ides of March, Jim Peterik and the entire band offered a great show. Schaumburg's special event celebrated its 40th anniversary of Septemberfest.

The fest was also a great opportunity to introduce several talented Schaumburg high school students, pageant finalists for college scholarships. As the young ladies were introduced, they announced their intention to study in colleges across the country in demanding, challenging academic majors.

As the sun went down, the Schaumburg Township was in good voice and full force, as a crowd-18,000 strong-as Dick Biondi announced, had assembled.

Time to celebrate Chicagoland and hear The Buckinghams as Mr. Biondi introduced Carl Bonafede, former Manager of The Buckinghams, who congratulated the band on 45 years of great rock music still being played on the radio and in concert, Buckinghams-style. Dick Biondi kidded Carl Bonafede that he must have been wearing the same suit 45 years earlier, and Mr. Bonafede kidded back that he'd bought it on sale for that very evening, at a thrift store. "A bargain is a bargain," Mr. Bonafede joked.

The Buckinghams open with "Don't You Care" to resounding applause from the crowd. Dave Zane and Rocky Penn join the horns in setting the tone for the evening.

Carl Giammarese and the horns at the Schaumburg fest.

Rocky Penn, Carl Giammarese and Nick Fortuna. Two of the horn players, Chuck Morgan and Steve Frost, are seen in the background.

Ronnie Rice (former lead singer of the New Colony Six ("I Will Always Think About You" and "Things I'd Like to Say") and Carl Giammarese joke as Ronnie walks onstage to kid Carl about his 1960s-style jacket.

Carl, wearing his vintage Buckinghams jacket from the 60s, walks out into the crowd, where they are singing along to the chorus of "Susan" with their part, "I love you, yes I do, I do."

Carl keeps the beat going while the horn section is in full force. L to R, Chuck Morgan (Trombone), Steve Frost (Trumpet), Carlo Isabelli (Trumpet) and Rich Moore (saxophone) are the Buckinghams' Horns (Buckinghorns, Horn Dogs) for the show.

Rocky Penn and Carl Giammarese kicking it on another song.

Thanks again to Paula Monaco for taking the pictures, from the very front row behind the orange netting, with a great vantage point of the stage.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Buckinghams Perform at the Music in the Park Concert Series in Bensenville, August, 2010

Early in the afternoon of August 4, 2010, the rain had come and gone from Bensenville, and cooled off a hot summer's day. The rain had prepared the air for a tremendous evening concert by The Buckinghams for Bensenville's Music in the Park concert series. A capacity crowd of music-lovers showed up with camp chairs in hand, all set to enjoy an outdoor concert. Photos courtesy of S. D. Aigo Photography (used with permission).

Dave Zane and Carl Giammarese on Fender Stratocasters, singing the songs of the 60s, starting the evening's entertainment.

Bruce Soboroff sings "Make Me Smile," while Dave Zane, Carl Giammarese, and Nick Fortuna play.

A fan had brought a copy of the 1969 Columbia release, "The Buckinghams' Greatest Hits" and Carl and Nick enjoyed holding up the album, asking the crowd if they still looked the same as they did back then.

Dave Zane playing to perfection, while singing "I'll Go Crazy." The crowd loved it.

Group shot on stage, L to R: Dave Zane, Rocky Penn, Carl Giammarese, Nick Fortuna, Carlo Isabelli, and Rich Moore.

Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane and Carl Giammarese perform "Good Lovin'" in the show.

Bruce Soboroff's soulful voice is always a great accompaniment to his keyboard wizardry.

Rocky Penn combines a great singing voice with superb talent on the drums.

Dave Zane is Guitarman.

Nick enjoys the crowd's reaction to his on-stage comments.

Thanks to S. D. Aigo for these photos of summer fun in Bensenville with The Buckinghams.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nation Records Includes The Buckinghams' "Terra Firma" in Gifts to U.S. Navy Troops

Our friend and my co-producer in The Buckinghams' "Terra Firma" CD, Phil Vaughan, recently shared some very special correspondence with us. Phil is the owner of the Nation Records label and head of the nonprofit Secret Agent Foundation, which honored Nick Fortuna as their "Man of the Year" this past Spring.

One of the charitable endeavors of the Secret Agent Foundation is to make musical instruments available to talented youngsters who would not otherwise have the option to study music. Another worthwhile endeavor is Phil's personal gift of CDs from Nation Records, in conjunction with the Foundation, to make music available to our men and women currently serving in the military.

It is heartwarming and humbling to know that Phil sent copies of our CD, "Terra Firma" to the troops aboard these two Navy vessels. We are grateful that Phil also shared copies of correspondence he received in response to his generous gifts. As we did in the 1960s, and as we do today, we pray for world peace and the safety of our men and women who wear the uniforms of our military branches, and we salute each person who gives their service to our country.

We can only hope and pray that those serving on these ships will be able to come home safely to their loved ones and give us the opportunity to perform for them, in person, when they return. Our thanks to Phil, the Secret Agent Foundation, and for all Buckinghams’ fans who continue to enjoy this CD and write and tell us so.

Carl Giammarese

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Special Request to All Bucks' Fans & Reflections of the Happy Together Tour 2010

Reflections of a Wonderful Summer with the Happy Together Tour (originally posted on Facebook here) We want to thank all our fans for helping make The Happy Together 25th Anniversary Tour a huge success! We are blessed to play alongside so many talented entertainers, including The Turtles' Flo and Eddie, the great ones, Micky Dolenz and Mark Lindsay, The Grass Roots' Rob Grill, Dusty Hanvey and Mark Dawson, and the exceptional guitar of Wayne Avers. Touring for many weeks with our friends gave us great opportunities to catch up and experience the joy of an exciting tour, reminiscent of the whirlwind schedule we kept in 1967. No matter how many times we sing our songs, we sing them new for you each concert. We thank you for the opportunities to be, again, a part of your lives in song. It was a privilege to meet many of you after the show, and many emotional, poignant moments were shared when you brought vinyl albums and pictures from our 'first' tours in the late 1960s. Its humbling to be a part of your greatest memories, and we appreciate you honoring us, yesterday and today, choosing our music as part of the soundtracks of your lives. It was also rewarding to find many new fans among teenagers and young adults who grew up hearing our music on their parents' stereos, and later CD players. We were very fortunate to work with one of the most professional, fabulous bands this tour. We salute Godfrey Townsend on Guitar and vocals, John Montagna on Bass and vocals, Manny Focarazzo on Keyboards and vocals, and Steve Murphy on Drums and vocals. They accompanied us with the same pro style they've shown with the Alan Parsons Project and numerous outstanding touring artists. Their backing vocals were an added bonus, and they brought enthusiasm that recreated the fun of the 1960s tours again. You can hear them again as the Yellow Submarine (thanks, JM) is on the road for Hippiefest throughout the country right now. No tour can be successful without a professional crew...Jason Craig, Earl Driggers, Warren Fambrough and Larry Green were integral to our success, worked quickly and tirelessly to make each show happen and then packed it up and got on the road--their days and nights were endless as they traveled less glamorously between shows, yet they're pros, and kept a bright outlook, even at the most demanding times. Our producer and tour production manager, Ron Hausfeld, ran a tight ship and kept everything running smoothly. Ron was a gracious director of the Happy Together Tour, and a great gentleman with whom it was a pleasure to work. Once again, thanks to all of you, our fans, who keep our music alive for coming out to the show and supporting us. Because of you, we are confident there will be another Happy Together tour. A Special Request to All of Our Buckinghams Fans Next year's tour is likely, but it is not a 'done deal' that we'll be back on the tour. Decisions on the groups on the tour belong to The Turtles, creators and talent behind the hit song of the same name, as well as the Happy Together Tour. If you attended the concerts, you heard Mark Volman (Flo) and Howard Kaylan (Eddie) tell the audience that they want to hear from you as to which groups you want on the tour next year. They weren't joking. Whether or not you attended the Happy Together Tour this year or whether you wanted to see us but we weren't in your city, YOU can help assure we're on the tour next year. Please take a few minutes to write Flo and Eddie, and let them know that you enjoyed us being on this year's tour with The Turtles and wants us back with them again next year. If you didn't make it to a show, let them know that you'll come next year if we're there, too. And, you can ask them to bring the tour to your city as well. EVERY person who writes will make a difference. E-mail Mark Volman ( and and Howard Kaylan ( and request that The Buckinghams return with The Turtles in 2011. And when you write, why don't you post a note for us on our Facebook page so we'll know we can count on your support? Carl and Nick, The Buckinghams P.S. Many of our Fans have posted on Facebook That You Enjoyed the Happy Together Tour. Feel free to add your name to this list, and thanks to those of you who wrote The Turtles already. EVERY e-mail will make an impact. Ian Abreu Cape Cod, MA Celia Alessandro Daytona, FL Ellen Auld Daytona/Clearwater Wendy Reeves Bath Clearwater, FL Tammy Bettencourt-Selee Clearwater, FL Sharon Zondory Brittain Soboba, CA Nate Calzetoni Big Flats, NY Lesley Clack Pomona, CA Janet Knipping Climer Clearwater, FL Gemma Raby Colford Atlanta, GA Jody Herron Cote Chumash Casino Robert Crocco Connecticut Joanne Davidson Daytona, FL Charlene Wago Decker Peekskill, NY Rich Demartino Clearwater, FL Kristi Domke Daytona, FL Carol Fairman Hard Rock, FL Beth Clay Farriens Atlanta, GA Susan Jordan Fell Atlanta, GA Anthony Foggia Glenside, PA Jerry Frostig Atlanta, GA Diane Furlong Peekskill, NY Marie Galin Jacksonville, FL Bill Train Wreck Glover Maria Gonzalez Hard Rock, FL Arnie Goodrich Cape Cod, MA Mary Gurley Clearwater, FL Joe Hely Asbury Park, NJ Alan Howell Cincinnati, OH Dana Cecil Johnston Atlanta, GA Tina Tomczyk Kooistra Westbury, NY Diane Cameron Kosciowiat Asbury Park, NJ Tammy Correa Kumanchik Daytona/Clearwater Stella Oriel Link Fox, St. Louis Maria J. Sciallis LoPrete Glenside, PA Jim & Julie Marsella Phoenix, AZ Jim Marsella Phoenix, AZ Joanne Goodfellow McElligott Westbury, NY Sandy Jones Miller R. E. Morgan Peekskill, NY Donna Muratore Soboba, CA Theresa Eleanor Ohland Daytona, FL Jay Pendleton HTT Desiree Peritore Phoenix, AZ Kim Krall Polette Fox, St. Louis, MO Rosemarie Praino Big Flats, NY Anne Rapisarda Clearwater, FL Jean Reese Daytona, FL Judith Anne Reese Daytona, FL Robert Reichel Deborah Dobbs Robb Clearwater, FL Andi Swaab Rothenberg DTE, MI Rosemarie Ryan Daytona, FL Judy Schroeder Sauber Sylvania, OH Sandy Schnittler Big Flats, NY Karen Baird Scott Atlanta, GA Ginny Sears Cohasset, MA Stephanie Slayton Fox, St. Louis Jmyob (Judy) Smith Daytona, FL Robert Snyder Glenside, PA Patricia A. Dawson Sperillo Glenside, PA Stephanie Stayton Fox, St. Louis David Stubbe Clearwater, FL Cathleen Sullivan Cohasset, MA Susan Eskenazi Sweeney Cohasset, MA Gayle Szabo Sylvania, OH Susan Cartwright Thomas Cleveland, OH Becky Vest Thomas Cleveland, OH Ralph Dr. Sax Thomas Jacksonville, FL Rona Turner Glenside, PA Christy Trollinger Webb Atlanta, GA Rudy Wright Daytona, FL Mike Younce Jacksonville, FL Leila DeJesus Hard Rock, FL Kimberly (just Kimberly)