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Join Jim Peterik and Carl Giammarese for Live Music! Safe Socially Distant Evening Sharing Memories

Are you ready to go back, back, back in time to when two Chicago native singer-songwriters, vocal champs, and guitar fanatics began building their repertoire of songs (and guitar collections) that would become iconic? Whether Billboard Chart toppers or deep tracks that so many Chicagoans and Midwest music lovers know by heart, these two anchors of their bands “The Ides of March” and “The Buckinghams” bring you the excitement of their respective “Cornerstones of Rock” collective show that you’ll enjoy later this year. “And as I board my plane Something inside my brain Hates to wave L.A. goodbye, aye L.A. goodbye, aye, aye" ~~Jim Peterik “Music everywhere Music fills the air Feeling it running down your spine Feel it taking over your mind Celebrate with a bottle of wine And some music everywhere.” ~~Carl Giammarese “…Then I touched your hand I could hear you whisper The search is over Love was right before my eyes” ~~Frank Sullivan and Jim Peterik Indeed, as Jim has written: