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San Bernardino Concert -- Fun Memories of the California Theatre

The Buckinghams performed with The Turtles and The Grass Roots on Saturday, February 19, 2011, at the California Theatre in San Bernardino. Photo memories of the concert by Lora Keyes (used with permission). Marquee outside the California Theatre. Carl Giammarese and Mark Dawson of the Grass Roots, backstage at The California. Artists traditionally autograph the back wall behind the stage. Showtime. L to R: Carl Giammarese and Dave Zane. Shadows spotlight Bruce Soboroff on the keyboards and Rocky Penn on the drums. Twin Fender Stratocasters, Dave Zane and Carl Giammarese. Dave Zane and Carl Giammarese. Carl Giammarese. Dave Zane. L to R: Rocky Penn, Bruce Soboroff, Nick Fortuna, Dave Zane, and Carl Giammarese. Dave Zane and Carl Giammarese. Bruce Soboroff and Dave Zane. View from the Front Row: Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, Rocky Penn, Carl Giammarese, and Nick Fortuna. Bruce Soboroff and Carl Giammarese.