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Ron Onesti and co-host Carl Giammarese of The Buckinghams on "Backstage with Ron Onesti" on WGN-FM

One of the nice things about two Chicago guys getting together to talk is that it usually involves good food, to go along with the good conversation. Chicagoland boasts one of the best food groups in the world, the group being "hot dogs." A Chicago dog may involve a lot of things. Here's a periodic table that helps you with the condiments of what goes into a 'real' Chicago dog:                                                        Courtesy of Vienna Beef So when Ron Onesti and Carl Giammarese got together, where else would be a great spot for a Sunday afternoon than Gene & Jude's, located at 2720 River Road, River Grove, IL 60171 ( ). Now check out all the restaurant reviews online and see where Gene & Jude's uses the natural casing Vienna Beef dog, and then follow the instructions on the table above when you live out of state, or make sure to put this place on your list the next time you're in Chicagoland for a visi