Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Time to Give Thanks

As a member of a band that has been in your minds and hearts for 45 years, without question, my first thought is to share thanks, on behalf of Nick and myself, for your continued support and enthusiasm for our music. Whether the time-tested hits played in concerts in your cities and home towns, or whether you travel long distances to hear us, we are thankful for your support.

When you buy a hard ticket to a theatre or concert hall, when you buy a CD or download our music, we hear you. We feel your love when you applaud, cheer, stand in line for hours to shake hands and ask us to autograph our records preserved carefully from your precious collections, and then your willingness to step forward and buy our DVD, CDs, and photos to take part of our professional work product home with you, adding to your collection.

Not for a minute do we take you for granted. The Buckinghams continue to ‘be’ because you continue to ‘be here now’ with us. We are grateful to have three professional musicians, Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn gracing our stage regularly and then when we add any and all of our regular exemplary horn players, Carlo Isabelli, Chuck Morgan, Rich Moore, Steve Frost, and Lou Curalli, we are doubly blessed to recreate the sounds just the way you heard them on the radio.

Thanks are easy to give when you feel blessed and though life is going well. Each of you— on our Facebook pages, MySpace page, Constant Contact list, and mailing list of customers—is a part of our world, for which we give thanks. To all of those entertainment professionals and colleagues we work with at shows, who book our shows, and stage our shows, we are truly indebted. You make our music magic.

On a personal note, you validate our creativity and originality when you buy the CDs that might include songs on them that you haven’t heard yet. You fill my heart with joy when you sing along to songs that I have written, from my heart, for you. You share your joy when we see you out in the audience singing along with us or swaying to the music.

On behalf of The Buckinghams, we all extend our thanks to you at this important holiday mile-marking week. Before the football games, before the turkey dinners shared with family and friends, before the worship services that remind us to give thanks, we take this opportunity to ask you to share your thoughts and memories with us.

—Carl Giammarese

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bob Stroud Hosts "The Drive's" (WDRV) Fundraiser at Borders Bookstore, Schaumburg, IL, November, 2010

Bob Stroud's annual CD release party for Rock and Roll Roots was a fun time for The Buckinghams. Stroud, who DJs with his Rock and Roll Roots show on Chicago's radio station, WDRV, The Drive, invites his fellow musician friends to join him for a good cause, two Sundays in November each year.

Volume 12 of the Roots series was released this year, and the Schaumburg Borders was the scene of great music by native Chicago musicians who joined Stroud for this benefit concert. Proceeds from the limited-edition CD went to support "Life Source," area blood bank.

Borders bookstore, a live event favorite in Schaumburg, Sunday, November 14th, was packed as people crowded in to hear their favorites. Carl Giammarese, Bruce Soboroff, Dave Zane, and Rocky Penn were there (Nick was out of town) and entertained with an acoustic set of some favorites. Thanks to S. D. Aigo for photos, used with permission.

Carl Giammarese entertains the audience during a great Sunday afternoon in Schaumburg.

(L to R): Carl Giammarese, Rocky Penn, Dave Zane, and Bruce Soboroff.

Cal Giammarese and Dave Zane.

The crowd has a great time hearing their favorites support such a great cause.

Bruce Soboroff, the keyboarding singer/singer keyboardist.

Rocky Penn, the singing drummer/drumming singer.

Dave Zane and Bruce Soboroff, with Rocky Penn in the background.

Bob Stroud is a great host for an afternoon of music and memories. Proceeds benefit Life Source--to donate or learn more, visit

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