Wednesday, March 11, 2020

American Pop! Concert Review Sings Praises of The Buckinghams, The Box Tops, & Grass Roots in New Jersey

New Jersey music fans know and love the concert pairing in the American Pop! lineup but this year's lineup was found to be exceptional by reviewers Marc and Carol, better known as Love Imagery. Concert lineup for Saturday, February 29th (Leap Day) at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood, New Jersey, began with The Box Tops, then The Buckinghams, followed by the Grass Roots. The concert, offered by Paradise Artists, has performed in several venues around the country over the past year.

In the full concert review by Spotlight Central found at New Jersey Stage, Love Imagery shared images the most exciting sights and a tremendous review of the sounds of the entire evening, in grand and glorious detail.

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Take a look at the song list on the poster--any fan of 60s and 70s rock will know all the words to all the songs these three superbands have performed through the years. These are the tunes that SiriusXM radio channels 60s on 6 and 70s on 7 keep alive 24/7. We're fortunate, too, for internet radio stations and DJs who program the music of The Buckinghams on their shows, and they still do interviews and keep fans informed of where you can hear great live music.

In response to the interview that posted online yesterday, The Buckinghams' Carl Giammarese said, "It is always a pleasure to see Marc and Carol of Love Imagery when we come to New Jersey. Not only do they take dynamic photos of us in concert, they interview all the members of the bands. They've really done their homework because they know so much about us. They are sincerely fans of 60s and 70s music and it's great to see them doing what they love in capturing memories from the shows."

The Love Imagery Team was nice enough to send extra photos especially to share with The Buckinghams fans and they follow here. Our thanks to Marc and Carol for their consideration and great pictures!

The crowd got up on their feet from just the time the first note sounded!

Carl getting into a song for the crowd.

L to R: Dave Zane, Carl Giammarese, Rocky Penn, and Nick Fortuna.

Carl Giammarese and Dave Zane.
Dave Zane and one of his many, many guitars.
The Buckinghams sing "Don't You Care."
Nick Fortuna sings "Domino."
The entire Buckinghams band with horns entertaining the crowd.
The Grass Roots entertain with "Temptation Eyes."
Dusty Hanvey on guitar, Joe Dougherty on drums, Mark Dawson on lead vocals and bass, and Larry Nelson on keyboards.
The crowd stayed on its feet for virtually the entire show. That's how much they love 60s and 70s music.
The Box Tops are the group who made "Neon Rainbow," "The Letter," "Cry Like a Baby" and so many more hits so popular in the 60s.

Between the three groups--The Buckinghams, The Box Tops, and The Grass Roots, there's 28 Top 40 hits, otherwise known as the perfect way to spend an evening.

Stay tuned to the EVENTS tabs on your favorite bands' Facebook pages to see when American Pop will be appearing in your home towns soon.

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Special thanks to Marc and Carol of Love Imagery for the magnificent photographs and Spotlight Central for the superb review of "The Best Music in the World!"