Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Kind of a Drag" Named one of Chicagoland's Top 10 Songs in 2009 issue of "Illinois Entertainer" Magazine

From a Jan. 5, 2009 article in the Illinois Entertainer magazine, Jim Holvay's "Kind of a Drag" receives top song honors as made a signature tune of The Buckinghams:

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Illinois Entertainer picks the 25 greatest songs in Chicago history, continued below:

"Hearing how much Magic 104.3 used to blast this song from my mom’s Chevy Citation while on garage-sale rounds, one gets an appreciation of what 1967 was like for Chicago and The Buckinghams. What we know today as the “Chicago horn sound” was astonishingly new when “Kind Of A Drag” landed, and the song seemed to encapsulate every sound from their ensuing album: stately pop, garage rock, blue-eyed soul, British invasion. True, Chicago (the band) had already formed at this point, but “Kind Of A Drag” contained a lot of ideas they’d pillage."

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