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Improving the Quality of Drinking Water to Underprivileged People Around the World

Water: Daily, we all enjoy a priceless world commodity that we (almost) take for granted. As you took your morning showers, brushed your teeth, and had your coffee or hot tea this morning, thousands of gallons of pure clean water surged through the pipes of wherever you live. Across the country, 50,000 people who are members of the American Water Works Association helped make possible research and education in developing solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, and to managing and treating water to city-specific standards. Every day we’re alive means another day we are thankful for water. As many of you know, The Buckinghams are often asked to headline fund-raising events for charities who want to increase awareness for their organizations and important causes. This year we are pleased to be participating in the 8th Annual Water for People Benefit Concert at 7:00 pm on September 26, at Evansville’s Victory Theatre. “We are very excited to have both The Grass