Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Join The Buckinghams in Sending Prayers and Love to Archie Bell

Who doesn’t know and love the 1968 hit “Tighten Up,” made famous by Houston, Texas, native Archie Bell? Together with his band, The Drells, the look and sound of the popular R&B group gave American teenagers a chance to dance and move along to the groove they shared in their songs.

A special announcement was made today on Sirius/XM 60s on 6 channel today that just a few weeks ago, Archie Bell had suffered a light stroke and has an excellent prognosis for recovery. Presently Archie is back in the hospital again from a small infection but he needs to be there a while longer.

Throughout the day, Sirius/XM 60s on 6 channel Deejays shared their best wishes, beginning with morning man, Phlash Phelps, and continuing with Dave Hoeffel, Pat St. John, and Shotgun Tom Kelly tonight: Archie would LOVE to hear from his fans. So let's join them, shall we?

Longtime Buckinghams friend and fan Phyllis Spizziri also shared a Facebook post that carried the message from Archie’s friend Randy Overton, Archie's longtime manager and friend since 1973, that anyone who’d like to send get-well wishes and prayers for a fast healing and recovery should do so c/o:

Mr. Archie Bell

P.O. Box 24334

Houston, Texas 77229

Word is spreading quickly. Imagine the joy that a mail bag full of your messages of thanks for the music and prayers will mean to our longtime friend who we enjoyed performing alongside in the late 60s when we did package tour shows!

Back in 2006, Bell told Greg Beets in an interview in the Austin Chronicle that the song America fell in love with “was recorded in Houston with the Texas Southern University Tornadoes, an instrumental soul band” before he was drafted into the U.S. Army.

The song went gold while Archie was in a military hospital in Germany recovering from an accident! After he completed his service, the Philadelphia hit team of Gamble and Huff signed him and made sure there were several follow-up hits to his career.

Of course, Buckinghams fans love Nick Fortuna singing “Domino” and in the middle of the song, Carl Giammarese playing the beloved bass line on “Tighten Up,” and the rest of the band joins in.

Please join Carl Giammarese, Nick Fortuna and the entire Buckinghams’ extended family in sending love and prayers for a complete healing and fast recovery to Mr. Archie Bell. Fill his mailbox with your kind memories of all his songs.