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Music Surprises Await You on Digital Downloads!

Carl Giammarese has been back down in his Twenty-Four Seven Studio and having fun reviewing some of the songs he's written over the past 10-12 years. As he went through them, he rediscovered several of them that were really special to him. Next he thought about how best to get these songs out, so he decided on digital streaming across all the platforms. His first release is "Geographical Breakup" and in this video he adds a personal message. Find and listen to Carl Giammarese as well as to The Buckinghams on all streaming media. Search for them by name. Or, just click the following ilnks: Carl Giammarese's "Geographical Breakup" on Spotify Carl Giammarese on Pandora Carl Giammarese on Deezer Carl Giammarese on iTunes While you're there, please consider "Following" Carl as an artist and putting a "Heart" on the songs you enjoy!