Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forgotten Hits Founder Re-Discovers Buckinghams' Video from the CD "Terra Firma" on YouTube

Thanks to Kent Kotal for his Forgotten Hits Sunday Comments today, noting the video of "I Knew You When", an audience favorite featuring Carl Giammarese.

I recently found this hot new video of Carl Giammarese and The Buckinghams performing the Joe South / Billy Joe Royal tune "I Knew You When" ... pretty nice version of a FAR too under-played oldie. The band sound great ... and it's neat to see a brand new "concept video" interpretation of this tune!
YouTube - The Buckinghams I KNEW YOU WHEN

Video credits go to L. A. Franicich, of Transient Organs Productions, for creating and posting this video. It's Vintage Buckinghams from 1998, and their "Terra Firma" CD release on Nation Records. Of note for collectors, there's two releases of "Terra Firma". Only the 2003 special edition CD (see cover below) of "Terra Firma" includes this particular video.