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Carl Giammarese's New Album Released - "Living in the Moment" is Original, Unique

"Living in the Moment" is the latest solo CD from Carl Giammarese, and it represents a year of composing songs that reflect a present-day look back at the past and focus on the future. For those not on Facebook, here's "What People Are Saying--Reviews of 'Living in the Moment'" shared here: Have you had a chance to hear Carl’s new CD yet? Did you have preconceived notions about what you might hear? Were you right? One thing you can say for certain is that Carl’s talent in songwriting has never been clearer than in this new CD. The diversity of the musical offerings, the styles in which he can sing (reggae, country, soft rock, Christian rock, and of course, classic rock) go far beyond what you hear at a beloved Buckinghams’ concert. Carl is a modest man, and when he released the music, he didn’t know what to expect in terms of feedback. Recently he shared that he’s receiving so many e-mails with your reactions to his work, after people have ordered an