Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new math equation, Donnie Iris is to Pittsburgh what The Buckinghams are to Chicago

Never one to spend too much time with math, that sounded like a neat equation in The Examiner's column of Nov. 4th.
Donnie Iris = The Buckinghams
Pittsburgh .... Chicago

From The Examiner:
Apparently (Donnie) Iris, known nationally for his 1981 hit single, "Ah! Leah!", is to his native Pittsburgh what the Buckinghams are to Chicago, a still popular oldies act. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Iris is applying his nickname, King Cool, to a beer thought up by his keyboardist (also an intellectual property laywer) Mark Avsec. "King Cool Light" is set to debut in the Pittsburgh area November 20, during a concert by Iris and his band. The beer is contract-brewed by Lion Brewery, Inc. in Wilkes Barre, current maker of the Christian Moerlein brands, Stegmaier, and Little Kings Cream Ale.

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When it comes to beer, Donnie Iris and his 1960s band, The Jaggerz, had a hit in "The Rapper". So it's probably a safe bet to say that he is to his native Pittsburgh what the Buckinghams are to Chicago...there's some kind of slogan there, probably need the Geico gekko to work on it.

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