Sunday, March 13, 2011

Buckinghams' Fan, Steve Merry, Shares Memories of the Happy Together Tour 1985-1986

When The Buckinghams toured the country on their first Happy Together Tour, they were part of one the year's Top 10 Most Popular Tours, according to Pollstar, which keeps track of concert attendance and ticket sales. The Happy Together Tour '85-'86 was produced by Howard Silverman and David Fischoff, and the tour was sponsored by Members Only, quite popular at the time.

Steve heard The Buckinghams and the Happy Together Tour at the Hulman Center, in Terra Haute, Indiana. Steve graciously shared photos from several pages of his Souvenir Tour Booklet for others to enjoy on Chicagosveryown Buckinghams' Facebook page. Reproduced here with his permission.

Top photo-Encore with everyone on stage.
Bottom photo--(L to R: Tour co-producer, Howard Silverman, today of Paradise Artists, Carl Giammarese, Rob Grill(Grass Roots), Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman(The Turtles), 3 reps from Members Only, Tour co-producer, David Fischoff.

About Members Only, Tour Sponsor.

About The Buckinghams--Tour Bio.

The Buckinghams-Photos from the 60s and '85/'86.

About The Grass Roots.

Photos of The Grass Roots.

Gary Lewis & The Playboys Photos.

About Gary Lewis & the Playboys.

Photos of The Turtles.

About The Turtles (Mark Vollman and Howard Kaylan, aka Flo & Eddie).

Family Album, page 1.

Family Album page 2.

Cousin Brucie, WABC-AM Radio Legend, and MC who came out to launch the Happy Together Tour that year. Bottom panel is an ad for music by The Turtles.

Discography for all the bands, plus the bottom panel is an ad for The Buckinghams new single release, "Veronica", from their album, "A Matter of Time" on Red Label Records. Carl, Nick, and the band did this song as part of their set that tour.

Happy Together Tour Production Team.

A Message from Tour Co-producer, David Fischoff.

Back cover of the Souvenir Tour Program.

Thanks again to Steve for taking the time to share his memories. He's ready to attend the HTT 2011 when the tour comes to Effingham Perfomance Center, Thursday, August 25, 2011.

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  1. It was a blast being a part of the 1985 happy together tour as well as a member of the Buckinghams! The best thing I took away from that tour besides all the wonderful memories and great friends was my wonderful husband who was the Drum tech on the tour! We've been happy together since 1985 and still together celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary this year! (2016) I'm still singing and loving every minute of it!
    Laurie Beebe Lewis