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Looking Ahead to Labor Day Weekend, 2011--Italian Heritage Festival in Clarksburg, WVA

September 4th, The Buckinghams are pleased to be participating in the 33rd Annual West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival in Clarksburg, WVa. The event is the 33rd annual festival and will take place at 340 West Main Street, in downtown Clarksburg, as always.

This event will be a great vacation destination idea for the Labor Day 2011 weekend. Future posts will share more info on where to stay and event details, Sept. 2-4th.

Web site link for more information is:

Click here to hear a little music to get you ready for a fantastic festival!

This is a community-wide major event with many sponsors already committed to its success. A partial list includes:
* Antero Resources Appalachian Corporation
* Budweiser
* Buffing Studios
* Citynet
* City of Clarksburg
* City of Shinnston
* Clarksburg Enterprise Rental Car
* Clarksburg Exponent Telegram
* Clarksburg Nursing & Rehab. Center
* Dan Riggs Garage & Towing
* Day's Inn Suites
* Enterprise Rental Car
* Frontier Communications
* Greater Clarksburg Convention & Visitors Bureau
* Harry Green 7 Acres
* Kroger's
* Lamar Advertising
* MCM Business Systems
* Medbrook Mall
* Medbrook Medical Associates
* Mike Ross, Inc.
* Nardelli Audiology
* Pepsi
* Precision Oil & Gas
* Rose of Sharon
* Secret & Shields, A. C.
* Shinnston News & Harrison County Journal
* Village Square Conference Center
* United Sound & Electronics
* WDTV, News Channel 5 & Fox10
* WV Department of Agriculture
* WV Radio Corporation
* Wells Fargo Ins. Services of WV
* WesBanco


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