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The Buckinghams Dazzle at Dosey Doe

Guest post by Rhonda Brinkmann (originally posted on
Concert by The Buckinghams, December 13, 2015

Rating:5-stars The Buckinghams gave a dazzling performance at Dosey Doe Coffee Shop on Sunday evening. The band—known by many folks for its powerful and unforgettable hits—delivered on familiar melodies, seamless medleys, original numbers, and holiday classics. The group’s music continues to offer the energizing beat and heartfelt impact that it has been imparting for over four decades.

Despite the large crowd, band members created a strong personal rapport with the audience through humor and glimpses into their touring adventures. Faces across the room reflected the impact of the memorable tunes as most people sang along or swayed with the music. From the opening strains of “Don’t You Care” to the closing chord of “Kind of a Drag,” which brought the house down, The Buckinghams kept the crowd enthralled. Carl Giammarese on vocals and guitar, and Nick Fortuna on bass and vocals are founding members of The Buckinghams. Dave Zane on guitar and vocals, Bruce Soboroff on keyboard and vocals, and Rocky Penn on drums and vocals rounded out the compelling sounds of the night.

A recent Public Broadcast System special titled Cornerstones of Rock featured The Buckinghams along with other Chicago-area rock groups that helped define the music of the 1960s and 1970s. Earlier this year, The Buckinghams were part of the Happy Together Tour featuring featuring music of and by The Turtles, The Buckinghams, The Association, The Cowsills, The Grass Roots, and Mark Lindsay.

The Big Barn at Dosey Doe Coffee Shop in The Woodlands, Texas, was a wonderful venue to host the concert. Dosey Doe has been offering great music in its Big Barn for years, and the venue has become known as one of the best listening rooms in the country. Originally built as a tobacco barn in Kentucky, the 168-year-old structure is rustically beautiful and makes for great acoustics. Music performances at both the Big Barn and the Music Café feature artists from contemporary to country, jazz to bluegrass, solo performances to bands.

For the rest of this month and in January, you can catch up with the Buckinghams at their shows in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. For more information, check out the band’s Facebook page. Thanks again to Rhonda Brinkmann for permission to share her story. To contact Rhonda, visit her web site.

Photo credits: Wordsmiths4u


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